Red Beard - Captains Elixier - Barreled Organic Rum - 44% - 50cl


Red Beard - Captains Elixier - Barreled Organic Rum - 44% - 50cl

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Captain Balthasar could not accept the superstition of his crew that white rum brought a pure soul and preferred a nicely aged rum. Each time he visited the Caribbean, he had a few barrels set aside, especially for himself, which he took on his voyage years later. This made the rum softer and, at the same time, gave it an incredible variety of aromas. Even today, this soft character with pronounced barrel aromas makes this six year aged Captains Elixir so unique. A typical rum to enjoy pure or to mix in high-quality cocktails.

The Red Beard Rum is the reincarnation of the rum of the Red Beard Crew. Legend has it that the notorious rum smugglers shipped litres of rum from the Caribbean all the way to Switzerland. Today, however, only the sugar cane molasses is imported, and the rum is distilled in Switzerland. The philosophy of the then Captain Balthasar still applies today: "High- quality rum for discerning palates". All our Red Beard Rums are Organic and meet the requirements of the federal " Organic - Ordinance".

Colour: Mahogany

Nose: Toasted wood, vanilla and caramel in the foreground, followed by notes of subtle tropical fruits, dried figs, cherry honey, dark chocolate and pistachios.

Palate: Sweet, smooth and creamy, soft oak notes, overripe pineapple, subtle dark chocolate, hazelnuts and nougat.

Finish: Long-lasting and soft, dried fruits, discreet and soft tannins, woody notes and some lime peel at the end.


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