Red Beard - Sailors Choice - White Organic Rum - 44% - 50cl


Red Beard - Sailors Choice - White Organic Rum - 44% - 50cl

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The sailors of the Red Beard Crew bottled a few bottles of rum in the Caribbean before putting it into barrels for transport. The men believed that pure, white rum brought a pure soul, so they preferred it on their wild sea voyages. Today, Sailors Choice is a wonderfully smooth and fruity rum, ideal for mixing high- quality cocktails.

The Red Beard Rum is the reincarnation of the rum of the Red Beard Crew. Legend has it that the notorious rum smugglers shipped litres of rum from the Caribbean all the way to Switzerland. Today, however, only the sugar cane molasses is imported, and the rum is distilled in Switzerland. The philosophy of the then Captain Balthasar still applies today: "High- quality rum for discerning palates". All our Red Beard Rums are Organic and meet the requirements of the federal " Organic - Ordinance".

Colour: Colourless

Nose: Sweet, with tropical fruits like pineapple in the foreground, some liquorice, raspberry, sour cherry and caramelised almonds join in.

Palate: light and smooth, nicely sweet, with tropical fruitiness, blackberries, raspberries, passion fruit, marzipan and dried fruit.

Finish: medium length, sugar cane, ripe berries, slightly nutty and floral.


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