Time Out Gin - Blood Orange - 44% - 50cl


Time Out Gin - Blood Orange - 44% - 50cl

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Premium gin with an exceptional Blood Orange Blend. This TimeOut gin features the queen of Sicilian blood oranges. It grows in the immediate vicinity of the volcano Etna. The queen, the Sicilian blood orange, harmonises perfectly with the other exquisite botanicals.

It gives this TimeOut gin a refreshing citrusy note. Another gin that should not be missing in the collection of connoisseurs.

The application is facetious.

The application is multifaceted, pure or for various drinks and cocktails.

Aroma: juniper, blood orange

Taste: orange, juniper

Aftertaste: pleasantly long

Why TimeOut Gin?

Extensive life experience together with innovation and the highest art of distilling, achieve these phenomenal gin masterpieces.

Michel Baumgartner and René Auchli, two business partners and friends from the advertising industry set out in mid-2019 to fulfil a long-awaited wish. To create their own gin that sends an important message in tasting and design for today's fast-paced times.

TimeOut - a term with a strong message that is implemented far too little.

This is how the name and the unique design, which focuses on time, came into being. As early as the 15th century, Leonardo Da Vinci had the vision of implementing time mechanically. If he had known back then how it would one day develop and influence humanity, he probably would have dropped his dream of the future.

The clock determines our everyday life and we completely forget that we too have the right to consciously allow ourselves a TimeOut every now and then.

Enjoy a TimeOut with your friends or loved ones. Time is the most precious thing we possess. This gin is always there to remind you to escape the clock. In tranquillity lies strength! We have realised our long-awaited wish and created a unicorn for modern times.


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