Langatun - Old Bear The Lost Casks - Limited Edition - Single Malt Whisky - 45% - 50cl


Langatun - Old Bear The Lost Casks - Limited Edition - Single Malt Whisky - 45% - 50cl

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For some time now, the legendary Langatun Old Bear has been in hibernation. Its return is eagerly awaited. But it has to be stored for a few more years until it is ready. But as luck would have it, two barrels have turned up in our barrel store that have an exciting history. They were originally two casks of Old Bear. Quite classic single malt whisky, lightly smoked with beechwood and stored in Châteauneuf-du-Pape casks. These were to be delivered to the USA and were "sweetened" for this purpose with a little whisky from sherry casks. But everything turned out differently. The deal with the Americans did not materialise and instead of storing the bottles on the shelf, we decided to put them back into the barrel. This time into two- spiced merlot barrels. Eight years after distilling (16.03.16) we now found these two original Bear casks. From these lost casks we were able to bottle a total of 836 bottles on 21.08.23.

Colour: Mahogany

Nose: Intense and elegant with a clear honey sweetness and notes of dark berries, liquorice, figs, malt, vanilla, some wood and very subtle warm smoke in the background.

Palate: Complex and multi-layered with a smooth mouthfeel with intense wood notes accompanied by a very subtle beech wood smoke and toasty accents. There are also notes of dried fruit.

Finish: Long lasting, soft yet aromatic with a nice balance between fruit and wood spice. There are also nutty notes.


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