Langatun "Classics"

The Langatun Classics are a tribute to the traditions of the Baumberger family's art of brewing and distilling. Almost 150 years later, we continue Jakob Baumberger's vision and still use the original and excellent Langenthal spring water.

The entire Classic line represents the great value of unspoilt nature, which we celebrate with every drop of our premium handcrafted "Langatun" single malt whisky.



Langatun Whisky "Old Deer" is produced from 100% pure barley malt.

Thanks to the careful selection of high-quality yeast and the best European barley, a rich blend of vegetal and fruity aromas can be detected already in the first days of fermentation. These exceptionally sweet accents can also be found in the finished product.

Our time-consuming and meticulous double distillation process gives Old Deer its incomparably soft, delicate and malty character. In addition, maturation in sherry and chardonnay casks gives this fantastic whisky its outstanding complexity and elegant aftertaste. 

At 40% alcohol by volume, this single malt whisky is wonderfully light, fruity and sweet.

At 46% alc. by volume, this single malt whisky is pleasantly fruity, beautifully aromatic and fine.

At 62% alcohol by volume, i.e. cask strength, this single malt whisky is strong, voluminous, fruity and beautifully aromatic.

Nose: Floral barley with hints of sweet red berries
Taste: Complex with fresh fruit and sultanas, vanilla and a hint of oak
Finish: Long lasting and velvety smooth

2019 - GOLD Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

2020 - GOLD 95.5 /100 points Liquid Gold Jim Murray's Whisky Bible (Old Deer CP)

Old Deer Langatun
Old Bear Langatun



The Old Bear is a tribute to Jakob Baumberger, who founded the proud history of "Langatun" from 1857. The company logo of his first brewery was adorned with a proud bear for decades. The Old Bear is a smoky 100% barley malt whisky. It is made from a blend of best-quality barley malt smoked over beechwood and fermented with a selected English stout yeast.

During the drying of the germinated barley, smoke is added to the drying air, the aromas of which are deposited on the barley malt and pass through the further processing steps into the finished product. Old Bear is stored in oak barrels in which red wine was previously matured. Traces of this can be found in the Old Bear.

The Langatun Old Bear "Smoky" is currently only available in 46% alcohol by volume.

At 40% alcohol by volume, this single malt whisky remains smooth and mellow despite its intense aroma.

At 46% alcohol by volume, this single malt whisky is pleasantly smooth and mellow, despite its intense aroma.

With approx. 62% alcohol by volume, this single malt whisky is incredibly full-bodied, aromatic and bursting with power.

Nose: oak notes, smoke, roasted notes, honey, phenolic with a nice complexity
Taste: Malty flavours, nice balance between sweetness and wood, spices, grape flavours
Finish: Decent smoke with a vinous undertone

Old Bear CP scored 96/100 in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2013, and was ennobled as "Whisky for the Gods".

2019 - GOLD Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

2020 - GOLD World Whiskies Award



Langatun Old Crow is the newest baby in the Langatun family. It is a smoky, peaty whisky.

The gestalt malt of this single malt whisky is specially smoked with peat. This means that during the malting process, the barley is dried with smoke from burnt peat, which absorbs the smoke aroma, which then gives the finished whisky its wonderful smokiness.

Langatun Old Crow is one of the first whiskies in Switzerland - indeed one of the first whiskies in mainland Europe - to be produced using this process.

The Langatun "Old Crow" shows itself with a beautiful colour of amber and reddish nuances.

A delight for lovers of fine peaty and smoky whiskies.

Nose: Sweet smoke and tobacco notes
Taste: Smoky, salty caramel, sweet smoke, a hint of red wine
Finish: Warming, sweet smoke of tobacco & dark chocolate and peanut butter

Langatun Old Eagle



The Langatun "Old Eagle" Swiss Rye is a pure 100% rye whiskey from domestic cultivation. It refers to the rye whiskeys traditionally grown in Canada and the northern United States. The Irish and Scottish emigrants quickly established a number of distilleries in their new home. This led to the development of two typical American whiskey types: The Bourbon with at least 51% corn content and the Rye with at least 51% rye content.

By law, both drinks may only be matured in new, charred barrels. This unique Swiss Rye Whisky is very soft on the palate, trumps with long-lasting caramel and vanilla notes, which are accompanied by a plummy fruitiness.

At 44% alc. vol., this rye whiskey is wonderfully pleasant on the tongue and contains a light earthy pepper note at the end.

With approx. 62% alc. Vol. this Swiss Rye Whiskey is powerful and intense. The earthy pepper notes noticeably accompany the pleasant sweetness.

Nose: Fine rye aromas, oak, vanilla, plum
Taste: Light sweetness, fine balanced tannins, caramel & fruit flavours
Finish: Long lasting, warming



The Langatun "Old Woodpecker" is a pure single malt whisky, which is produced only with the finest barley from controlled organic cultivation. Of course, the further production process is also carried out according to certified organic guidelines (ProCert, CH-BIO-038).

The "Old Woodpecker" is matured in Chardonnay oak barrels, which gives it a fantastic fruity note, a tangy freshness and a nice spiciness paired with some sweetness.

A beautifully rounded aromatic single malt for those who consume sustainably or simply want to enjoy an aromatic "dram".

Nose: Fine sweetness, reminiscent of candied orange peel.
Taste: Beautiful fruity notes, caramel, with balanced tannins, light chilli chocolate notes.
Finish: Fine lingering oak notes with caramel.

2019 - GOLD 96 /100 points Liquid Gold Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.

2019 - GOLD BEST WHISKY 2019 Swiss Whisky Award

Langatun Old Woodpecker
Langatun Winter Wedding



We have dedicated this special bottling to the founder of the Langatun distillery dynasty.

The Langatun Winter Wedding Single Malt Whisky is a fine whisky for winter days.

It is a marriage of the Langatun "Old Deer" with the "Old Bear" to a characterful and lovely single malt whisky. 50% each of the two popular LANGATUN single malts form the basis of this wintry speciality.

The elegant, mild character of the "Old Deer" is ideally complemented by the strong and slightly smoky note of the "Old Bear". This wonderful combination not only invites to a wonderful glass of whisky in winter, but can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

The Langatun Winter Wedding was limited to 750 bottles in the first series and, due to its great success, will now be delivered permanently.

Nose: Honey and sweet malt with a hint of smoke.
Taste: Smoky and sweet with barley malt and oak.
Finish: Multi-layered, complex and long, with a slight hint of honey

2016 - GOLD 94.5 /100 points Liquid Gold Jim Murray's Whisky Bible



We have dedicated this special bottling to the founder of the Langatun distillery dynasty.

The Langatun Jacob's Dram is matured in the best casks, which are specially selected for this bottling. This storage gives the whisky its wonderfully full-bodied complexity.

As a reminder, the choice of cask is enormously important, as about 60% of the flavour results from it.

This wonderful single malt contains an enormous intensity of flavours. Intense bold fruit flavours combine with a lovely maltiness to create a complex and rich top quality product.

Nose: Sweet woody note, reminiscent of fresh Gugelhopf dough with sultanas
Taste: Balanced vanilla wood notes, gingerbread, roasted nuts and bitter almonds
Finish: Long and round, complex with subtle notes of gugelhopf and light roasted flavours, pleasantly sweet, warming

2019 - GOLD Wizards of Whisky 2019

2016 - GOLD 92.5 /100 points Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

Langatun Jacobs Dram


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