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Our Team

Our Pride

Hans Baumberger

The Distillery's Founder

"Whisky is the best friend of the human being, it is like a dog in a bottle." (Unknown author)

Christoph Nyfeler

The CEO, Co-Owner

When time is the most luxurious good to have, it's better to enjoy it among friends with something which was created by time.

Christian Lauper

Member of the Executive Board,


Think global, act local.

André von Ah

Member of the Executive Board,

Head of Sales

We will never say, that we produce the best whisky of Switzerland, we are doing best to achieve that.

Ursula Strehler

Member of the Executive Board,

Head of Events

If the questions is GIN, the answer is YES

Anastasiia Kapoor

PR & Communication Manager

There is no bad whisky, some are just better than the others.

Philipp Vollmar

Business Development Manager

Whisky is a passion and my real passion is LANGATUN, as it is all about the taste.

Sandra Schulthess

Office Manager

The whisky is like friendship, as older as better.

Lucas Veltman

Graphic Designer

Gianni Migliore

Sales & Product Manager

Life is too short for sometime.

Bruno Kaufmann

Sales Region Basel, Aargau, Solothurn, Bern

Do not talk - do it!

Rolf Kalberer

Distillery Ambassador Liechtenstein

We are the most honest Whisky in Switzerland!

Daniele Rezzonico

Sales in Ticino

Carpe Diem

Reto Salfinger

The Chief of Production

Erfolg hat drei Buchstaben: (Langa)TUN!

Brigitte Jost

Packaging, Logistics

We are not perfect, but we are working daily to reach that level.

Astrid Brechbühl

Production staff member

Good things need time.

Karin Trösch

Production staff member

Nicole Zimmerli

Production staff member

Olivier Schwabe

Event Support

Daniela Balsiger


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