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Langatun Whisky  /  Special Bottlings

Special Bottlings

The Special Editions

The Langatun distillery is famous for its superb, unusual range of barrels for whisky maturation, the richness of its whiskies’ colour palette and their inimitable flavours.

The special bottlings celebrate our devotion to quality and the unique story behind every whisky bottle. Most products have an ABV of 49.12%, which corresponds to the postcode for Aarwangen, our current production site.

The designer decanter bottles, with a golden seal, are packed in an attractive wooden box, so they will find a place in any private collection, or can be given as an original gift.

Langatun Story

Langatun 10y

The first Langatun, which was bottled after 10 years’ maturation in cask. Much dedication, knowledge and patience were required in order to be able to celebrate this day.

One of our few 10-year-old casks was selected, which is one of our most-used cask types: the Chardonnay Barrique barrel.

The delicate notes of Chardonnay from the cask blend harmoniously with Langatun’s fruity distillate. All the subtleties of flavour attain a complex combination after the long 10-year maturation period.

Flavours of honey, figs and all-butter biscuits combine with a subtle vanilla sweetness and nicely integrated wood notes.

Jacob's DramSingle Malt

Colour: pale golden amber
Aroma: sweet wood note, reminiscent of fresh yeast dough with raisins
Palate: balanced vanilla and wood notes, gingerbread, toasted nuts and bitter almonds
Finish: long and rounded, complex with subtle notes of yeast dough and a slight toastiness, pleasantly sweet, warming

We have dedicated this special bottling to the founder of the LANGATUN distiller dynasty.
For the whole of the maturation period, Langatun ‘Jacob’s Dram’ is stored in selected Pinot Noir wine barrels. This is what gives the whisky its wonderful, lush complexity.
In 2016, Jim Murray even awarded the title of ‘Best European Single Malt’ to the Langatun Distillery’s bottling from a sister barrel.

Remember that the choice of barrel is enormously important, as it creates around 60% of the flavour.
This wonderful single malt has an enormous depth of flavour. Intensely powerful fruit flavours combine with a sweet maltiness to create a complex and rich premium product.

As a cask strength whisky with approximately 62% ABV, this single malt is absolutely packed with flavour. The flavours are a delight on the palate and linger for an astoundingly long time.

Winter Wedding

Colour: pale gold
Nose: honey and sweet malt, with a trace of smoke
Palate: smoky and sweet, with malted barley and oak
Finish: multi-layered, complex and long, with a faint note of honey

‘Winter Wedding’ is a classic whisky for wintry days.

Following on from our popular ‘Winter Editions’, we have married our two popular classics, ‘Old Deer’ Classic and ‘Old Bear’ Smoky to create the new ‘Winter Wedding’. They are a perfect match. The elegant, gentle nature of ‘Old Deer’ is ideally complemented by the powerful and slightly smoky note of ‘Old Bear’.

This fabulous combination of Chardonnay, sherry and Châteauneuf-du-Pape casks is an invitation to enjoy a wonderful glass of whisky not just in winter, but at any time of year.

This single malt is very aromatic and rich, with 46% ABV.

AVO JazzSession

Colour: dark amber
Aroma: touch of grape, notes of toffee and pronounced sherry
Palate: sweetness of caramel, sherry and mocha, as well as grapes and a hint of milk chocolate
Finish: long-lasting and warming

A new series of the AVO Jazz ‘Club’ Session and this marvellous whisky were created in cooperation with the house of Davidoff, with the idea of reviving the famous AVO Jazz Session.

LANGATUN ‘AVO Jazz’ Single Malt Whisky exhibits an incredibly complex balance that emerges as a result of the three types of barrels used: the fruitiness and freshness of the Chardonnay barrel, the generous fruit of the sherry barrel and the sweetness and spiciness of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape barrel.

At 44% ABV, this single malt is powerful enough to hold its own against mild to moderately strong cigars, and is not so pungent that it overpowers them.

This single malt whisky is not only a wonderful accompaniment to fine AVO cigars; it can also be enjoyed to the full without cigars.

It is never too late to learn whisky!
With our show distillery we introduce you into the world of the whisky making process. You will go step by step through the whole journey with our master distiller and will be able to use your new skills during the choosing Your Whisky!

Whisky Destilling Seminar

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