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Langatun Classics

The langatun classics

Langatun Classics are a homage to the traditional art of brewing and distilling in the Baumberger family. Almost 150 years later, we are pursuing Jakob Baumberger’s vision, still using the original, superb Langenthal spring water.

The whole range represents the great treasure of unspoiled nature, which we celebrate in every drop of our first-class, hand-crafted Langatun single malt whisky.

Langatun Story

Old Deer Single Malt Whisky

Colour: pale gold
Aroma: floral barley, with hints of sweet red berries
Palate: complex, with fresh fruit and raisins, vanilla and a hint of oak
Finish: long and velvety soft

Langatun ‘Old Deer’ whisky is made from 100% malted barley.
Even in the first few days of fermentation, it is possible to detect a rich mixture of vegetable and fruit aromas, thanks to careful selection of high-quality yeast and premium European barley. These extraordinarily sweet notes are also reflected in the finished product.

It is our laborious and painstaking double distillation process that gives ‘Old Deer’ its inimitably soft, delicate and malty character. Maturation in sherry and Chardonnay casks gives this fantastic whisky its outstanding complexity and elegant aftertaste.
At 40% ABV, this single malt is wonderfully light, fruity and sweet.

In Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, ‘Old Deer CP’ achieved 95.5/100 points!
As a cask strength whisky with 62% ABV, this single malt is powerful, full, fruity and beautifully aromatic.

Old Bear Single Malt Whisky - Smoky

Colour: glowing mahogany
Aroma: notes of oak, smoke, roasting, honey; phenolic, with wonderful complexity
Palate: malty flavours, nice balance between sweet and woody, spices, grape flavours
Finish: subtle smoke, with undertones of wine

Jakob Baumberger, founding father of the Langatun Distillery, took over the Langenthal-based brewery in 1860, and the bear became the emblem of the family business. The name ‘Old Bear’ honours the beginnings of this history.

‘Old Bear’ is distilled in a similar manner to ‘Old Deer’. Roasted malted barley is added, however, hence the epithet ‘smoky’. The smoking process is the same as for meat or fish.

‘Old Bear’ is matured in oak barrels that have previously been used to mature Châteauneuf-du-Pape – a powerful, deep red French wine.It is a deep, chestnut-brown colour, has pleasant aromas of wood and smoke, and Langatun whisky’s typical malty flavour, with a subtle hint of wine.
At 40% ABV, despite its powerful aroma, this single malt remains sweet and soft.

In Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2013, ‘Old Bear CP’ attained 96/100 points and was revered as a ‘whisky for the gods’.
As a cask strength whisky with 62% ABV, this single malt comes across incredibly rich, aromatic and abounding in power.

Gold Bee - Whisky Liqueur

Colour: pale gold
Aroma: floral honey and subtle malty notes
Flavour: sweet honey and tropical spices
Finish: sustained balance between whisky and honey

‘Gold Bee’ is ideally suited as an aperitif, to accompany a dessert or as a cocktail ingredient.

Langatun ‘Gold Bee’ Whisky Liqueur is based on ‘Old Deer’ Single Malt Whisky, which is then sweetened with a delicious honey from Yucatan, Mexico, and the alcohol content lowered to a pleasant 28% ABV.
‘Gold Bee’ Whisky Liqueur is also flavoured with natural vanilla and some other tropical spices to complement and complete this sweet liqueur.

The bouquet of the ‘Gold Bee’ Whisky Liqueur contains both deep aromas of honey and the pleasant scent of whisky. The honey’s sweetness and the spices’ complexity produce a perfect balance.
Langatun ‘Gold Bee’ Whisky Liqueur is a superb choice as an aperitif, to accompany a dessert, or in a cocktail.

Old Eagle - Swiss Rye Whiskey

Colour: pale gold
Aroma: subtle aromas of rye, oak, vanilla and plum
Palate: slight sweetness, subtly balanced tannins, caramel and fruit flavours
Finish: long-lasting, warming

Langatun ‘Old Eagle’ Swiss Rye is a 100% rye whiskey, produced in Switzerland. It is based on the rye whiskies traditionally produced in Canada and the northern United States. Irish and Scottish migrants quickly founded a plethora of distilleries in their new home. This led to the development of two typical types of American whiskey: bourbon, with a proportion of at least 51% corn, and rye with at least 51% rye. By law both beverages have to be matured in new, charred barrels only.
This unique Swiss rye whiskey is very soft on the palate and has long and persuasive notes of caramel and vanilla, accompanied by a certain plummy fruitiness.

At 44% ABV, this rye whiskey is wonderfully gentle on the tongue, concealing a slightly earthy, peppery note on the finish.

As a cask strength whiskey with 62% ABV, this Swiss rye is powerful and intense. The pleasant sweetness is noticeably accompanied by earthy, peppery notes.

Old Woodpecker - Organic/Bio Whisky

Colour: dark amber
Aroma: subtle sweetness, reminiscent of candied orange peel
Palate: lovely fruit notes, caramel, with balanced tannins, slight notes of chilli chocolate
Finish: lingering notes of oak with caramel

Langatun ‘Old Woodpecker’ is a pure single malt whisky made from certified organically grown barley of the finest quality. Of course the remaining production process also adheres to certified organic guidelines (ProCert, CH-BIO-038).

‘Old Woodpecker’ is matured in oak Chardonnay barrels, which give it a fantastic fruitiness, lively freshness and nice spiciness, coupled with a little sweetness.

A lovely, rounded, aromatic single malt for people who prefer sustainably produced drinks, or who simply enjoy an aromatic dram.

Challenge your senses and explore the art of the whisky making process during the Tour & Tasting at the Langatun Distillery.

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