Langatun Whisky Talk – Whisky & Cheese

Langatun Whisky Talk – Whisky & Cheese

date 27/02/2019 - 27/02/2019

time 18:30

address Langatun Distillery AG

event type Tasting

Ticket Price: Fr. 28.00

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Cheese is an ideal counterpart to whisky, as it opens up the complex tastes, that are hidden in the glass and makes them richer. Due to the higher alcohol content, the fat in the cheese is severed and the flavors can be fully developed. While some cheeses such as blue cheese, Italian hard cheese or nutty gruyere form a perfect base for building sweet, fruity notes, the creamy varieties like Gouda emphasize more the floral aromas in the malt.

Our whisky & cheese specialists are happy to introduce you to some wonderful combination.
Door opening from 18.30 / start at 19.00 clock.

Registration required.

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