The origin of liqueurs begins as a remedy in the 13th century.

Monks researched alcoholic remedies, which they seasoned with herbs, spices, seeds, fruits and honey. The word liqueur also originally comes from Italian. "Liquore" literally means "liquid".

There are different ways of producing liquor, such as maceration, distillation, digestion and percolation...: Among the most common are maceration and distillation.

Liqueurs can be drunk pure as an aperitif, digestif, used to mix for various long drinks, enjoyed with a dessert, used as a "topping" for vanilla ice cream or as an accompaniment to other desserts.

For Langatun's liqueurs, old recipes have been rummaged through and new balanced, smooth and elegant recipes have been produced with a lot of knowledge and innovation by our master blenders.

Discover the variety of different interesting flavours in our liqueurs.



The Langatun "Gold Bee" whisky liqueur is based on the "Old Deer" single malt whisky, which is then sweetened with a very delicious honey from Yucatan (Mexico) and reduced to a pleasant 28% alc. by volume.

In addition, the "Gold Bee" whisky liqueur is flavoured with natural vanilla and tropical spices round off this lovely liqueur. The bouquet of the "Gold Bee" whisky liqueur contains both an intense honey aroma and the pleasant scent of whisky. The sweetness of the honey and the complexity of the spices create a perfect harmony.

The "Gold Bee" is ideal as an aperitif, as an accompaniment to a dessert or as an ingredient in a cocktail mixer.

Nose: Flower honey & fine malt notes
Taste: Sweet honey and tropical spices
Finish: Persistent harmony between whisky and honey




The recipe of the "Malt" and Whisk(e)y liqueurs goes back to the Heatherwine production, which was already very popular over 1,000 years ago. The sweet spirit originated in Ireland, where the recipe was passed down from generation to generation. From the medicinal recipes with whisky, honey and herbs, a variety of flavours developed over the centuries that is second to none.

For our Gold Capricorn, we rummaged through old recipes and, with a lot of knowledge and innovation, our master blender created a new recipe of his own. Various herbs, spices and fruits give the Gold Capricorn a pleasantly complex bouquet.

It is well-balanced, smooth and elegant, can be drunk neat, used to mix various long drinks, enjoyed with a dessert, used as a "topping" of vanilla ice cream or as an accompaniment to other desserts.

Nose: Orange zest, vanilla
Taste: Velvety soft sweetness tangerine ice cream
Finish: Vanilla and light honey note



The Langatun Gold Cream is characterised not only by its special aroma, but also by its creamy soft texture. Creamy sensual delights à la "crème brulée" can be found in this exquisite product. Pure enjoyment is guaranteed.

The Gold Cream impresses with its perfectly balanced ratio of whisky and cream. The alcohol content is barely noticeable. It can be enjoyed on many occasions; with ice cream, as an ingredient for delicious cocktails, for baking or preparing cakes or simply pure or on ice. The uses of Gold Cream are many and varied.

Always enjoy Langatun Gold Cream well chilled, but not from the icebox. Because of the rather low alcohol content of 18% alcohol by volume, there is a risk that the cream liqueur, like all cream and egg liqueurs, will freeze in the freezer and thus become inedible.

Nose: The nose is reminiscent of grandmother's burnt cream
Taste: Nice balance of whisky, cream & sweetness, this harmony of the liqueur speaks for itself
Finish: Fine lingering soothing warming full-bodied feeling


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