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In collaboration with Davidoff, a new series of the AVO Jazz Club session was held and this wonderful whisky was created.

The Langatun AVO Jazz Single Malt Whisky, has an incredibly complex harmony, which comes to fruition through the characters of the three selected cask types; namely the fruitiness and freshness of the Chardonnay cask, the broad fruitiness of the Sherry cask and the sweetness and spiciness of the Châteaneuf- du-Pape cask.

With its 44% alc. vol. this single malt is strong enough to stand up to light to medium bodied cigars and is not too strong to drown them out.

This single malt whisky is not only a wonderful accompaniment to fine AVO cigars, but can also be enjoyed without cigars.

Nose: Hints of wine fruit, notes with toffee and pronounced sherry aroma
Taste: Sweetness of caramel, sherry and mocha, as well as grapes and a hint of milk chocolate
Finish: Warm and long

Langatun Avo Jazz Session
Langatun Cigar Malt



The first batch of the Langatun Cigar Malt is a limited bottling, which was specially designed to be enjoyed with a cigar.

Two wonderfully aromatic casks were married especially for this bottling. First a Chardonnay white wine cask and then a Sherry Fino cask. Together, the mix of the two casks results in a wonderfully harmonious single malt whisky, which with 45.6% vol. alc. brings enough power and aroma to stand up to medium to strong cigars and remains very pleasantly soft in the mouthfeel, so as not to completely steal the show even from a light cigar.

But even without a cigar, this noble drop is an experience not to be missed.

Nose: Dried fruits, fine sweetness, balanced sherry notes
Taste: Nice and round, polished wood
Finish: Warming, medium length, so complements a nice cigar perfectly

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