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The Spirit Line 1616 was established in 2016 as a tribute to the Distillery's building, The Whisky House (Kornhaus), that was built in 1616 and celebrated its 400 year old birthday.
In our best traditions, we have focused on the natural and organic ingredients, as only the nature knows what the best is. Another peculiarity is the alcohol vol. number - 49.12. This is the postal code of Aarwangen, the place where the distillery is located.
Optically we aimed to present how the modern and stylish bottle organically combines with the old-fasioned and vintage label - the 1616 core vision.

Langatun Story


The first product in the 1616 Spirit Line was the Gin 1616.

The Gin 1616 Black Edition, is a premium gin, which in addition to first-class juniper contains 11 other organic botanicals. All of these ingredients make up a gin that can be enjoyed pure or as a mixed drink.

Tasting Notes:

- Nose: full juniper and spicy aromas, with hints of ripe oranges and fresh limes.

- Palate: full-bodied, complex with oily consistency, all ingredients blend together harmoniously, with the juniper wonderfully dominating as "king"!

- Finish: Long, the fresh spices accompany you in a walk through a Moroccan bazaar, with long-lasting milk chocolate sweetness, orange and juniper.

White Rum1616

White Rum1616

The White Rum 1616 is the second product of our new series of Small Batch Handcrafted 1616.

The Bio-Rum 1616 Black Edition is a premium rum made with organic sugar cane molasses from South America.
After this ingredient is transported to the Distillery, we add the pure water and yeasts to the molasses and convert this mass into a high-percentage alcohol by a double pot-still distillation.

Since the rum is not aged in the barrel, it is a white rum, which is mainly used for mixing. It is a very nice, round, aromatic drink, with typical characteristic notes of molasses.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Fully ripe pineapple with caramel-like molasses.

Taste: Ripe freshly cut pineapple drink with a hint of pink pepper.

Finish: Beautiful balance of fruitiness and soft spiciness, a touch of pink pepper remains and the pineapple notes go to fully ripe pears.


No spirit line can be called so without this traditional beverage - vodka.

The Vodka 1616 is our third small batch hand crafted spirit.

During the production of this product our goal was to create a mild, soft and crystal pure vodka, that will break all the stereotypes about this drink.
And the result could not be better - almost tasteless and mild cereal distillate, which is universally applicable. Whether pure as a shot, as the basis for a long drink or in a more complex cocktail - the 7x distilled Vodka 1616 ensures the desired quality.

1616 Spirit Line is seen at numerous spirit festivals and fairs, where the visitors can taste each product pure or in a mixed drink. We will be happy to describe you the unique distilling process of the 1616 spirits, show and let you smell the natural ingredients, that are the most important part of these products.
Check out our event calendar now and get ready for the journey with the 1616.

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