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Langatun Single Malt Whisky


Old Deer & Old Bear LANGATUN Single Malts

The "Old Deer" is our classic Single Malt whisky which is why we also call it "Classic". It is a 100% pure barley-malt whisky produced from a mixture of peat-free malt of the best European provenance and fermented with a specially selected English Stout yeast. The maturation in Sherry and Chardonnay casks provides the "Old Deer" with its outstanding complexity and elegant aftertaste.

The "Old Bear" is brewed and distilled in the same way as the "Old Deer" but with peated barley malt hence the appendix "Smoky". The peating process is the same as for meat or fish: during the drying process of the malt smoke is added to the drying air and the smoke aromas are integrated with the malt and carryed on into the finished product.

The "Old Bear" is aged in oak casks previously used for the maturation of French red wine.  The elements of this wine can be detected in the "Old Bear": an intense auburn colour, nice flavours of wood and peat and the typical malty aroma with a slight touch of the taste of wine.

We bottle the "Old Bear" and the "Old Deer" with 40% Vol. Alc. but we also produce both as "cask-proof" with ~62% Vol. Alc.

Both Single Malts are distilled in the traditional Pot Still double distillation process.



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